A Shepherd's challenge to his flock- Are you ready? Are you ready for a feast?

Ready for a feast

Happy Saturday to you! I wanted each of you to know I am thinking of you, and praying for you. Every week as I put in many hours preparing our Lord's day service to the Lord, I feel like a chef, putting together a spiritual feast for some of the people I love most. I think of each of you, and try to listen carefully to the Lord, so that I can put together healthy spiritual food that will be a blessing to each person who attends. My hope is that each of you will all grow deep roots in this body of Christ, and that we will serve God together effectively in love.

During the last week, the parable of the 5 foolish and wise virgins of Matthew 25 was brought to my attention. The parable suggests that fully 1/2 of the end time Christians will not be ready when our Lord returns. I am trying to do my best to make sure that each of you has oil not only in your lamp, but an extra flask- more than enough so you will be ready. Part of the responsibility is mine- for God will require me to answer for you! But part of it is yours too, for yourself, and for your brothers and sisters. The priority we place on being present, on time and ready to serve whenever we're gathering together is quite telling. It isn't everything for sure, but it's a strong indication of our readiness. As someone who certainly understands the challenges of busy-ness, I want to appeal to you to make a choice today about how you will serve our Master this Lord's day, when Harvest church gathers. For some of us it will require a real sacrifice. I think that's part of the design, and what makes it an act of worship. But what a joy to serve Him together! So come together tomorrow, arrive early- and ready to serve. He is worthy, and there will be a feast, and there will be oil... :-)

Entertainment, Income, Sleep, Convenience... Isn't that what Sundays are about?

Tomorrow.       Sunday.         King of Days.

Each preceding day leads to the Apex of the week- the First and Greatest of days.


The same day of the week when God separated the darkness into night by creating day when He said:

“Let there be Light!”


This is the day where God set the order for all days to follow.

It gives the framework for the structure of life itself and brings rhythm-

into the null of the formless void.


This day- Sunday- is the day when darkness was finally and soundly defeated as the stone rolled away and the risen Christ stepped out from the tomb- alive with a life that is now entirely indestructible.


This day- Sunday- is the LORD's day- not ordinary like other days.


It is the day when those rescued from the dark and raging seas of self absorption


STOP Everything


they are doing and join together to adore the One who willingly paid such an unbelievably high price to purchase their freedom.


For those who have so freely received such abundant, new life, it is such a small sacrifice-

to limit ourselves from all of the things which would otherwise

consume the minutes of this-

the best day of the week.


We look forward to lifting our voices together, however weary or dry-

in praise and adoration to the one who has given us living water

that flows out from our innermost being unto eternal life.


We eagerly desire to hear the word of Christ,

by which faith comes.


We hunger to feast at the table of the Lord, knowing that

His flesh is true bread, and His blood true drink.


We long to offer the incense of our prayers together to Him

as a sweet smelling fragrance before His throne.


More than the things of earth- we yearn

to be filled with the power of His Holy Spirit that we might walk not according to the

flesh but according to His Spirit, with a supernatural power

that is not our own.


We come together on the Lord's day as have the saints of all prior generations - all the way back to the start of the Church after the day of Pentecost when a mighty rushing wind filled the whole house where they were sitting and tongues of Holy Spirit fire came to rest on each one and they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and spoke in unlearned languages the wonders of God, empowered to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth.


Yes, it is a small sacrifice to get up and go to church on Sunday morning-

to deny ourselves the time to do other things that might

entertain us

or bring us more income-

or give us more sleep-


but we've already settled the fact in our minds that

this life is not really about what makes us comfortable.


It isn't about what is most convenient.


It's about using our moments

to honor the One who saved us-

and we love to do it.


Sunday is the best day of the week.


A day we wouldn't miss for the world.


Come join us!



Harvest Church meets at 80 Bean rd, Moultonborough, NH